The Shocking Truth about Video Marketing

Posted On: 25 July, 2018
Author: Bee On Track

As one of the leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, we are currently aware of the trends, and that can leverage your digital marketing presence in the online world. In the cutting-edge digital advertising panorama, video content is highly essential, where else that can convey the product knowledge to the visual story.

According to the study, 73% of consumers say that they may be much more likely to shop for a product after watching a video which explains the way it works?

In reality, if anyone who perspectives a product video is as much as 144% more likely to feature that product to his/her cart than a non-viewer.

Got your hobby? Here are a few vital stats, and hints, on explainer films and their ability blessings to your commercial enterprise.

First things first - what's an explainer video?

Explainers are usually short movies which awareness on explaining a business concept in a simple, attractive and compelling way. The keys to a useful explainer are clean and concise language and beautiful, beautiful visuals which can quickly grab the viewer's interest.

How Explainer Video Can leverage Your Brand
- Direct verbal exchange
- Explainers enable you to exhibit your logo and product blessings in a natural, clean way.
- Online visibility - 88% of traffic live longer on a website with a video displayed, and Google rewards that. As an advantage, you could additionally rank on the second largest search engine: YouTube.
- Advanced Conversion
- Pages with video convert up to eighty% better than the ones without movies.
- Inbound advertising and marketing focused - Explainers will assist convert leads into clients.
- Explainer films work incredibly for the 'consideration' degree of the buyer’s journey. You may provide your potentialities with the information they need so that they realize that your product is the exceptional choice within the marketplace.

1. Write a fascinating script
It’s well worth taking a while in this first step - your writing is your video’s foundation, and could largely dictate its failure or success.

An explainer video script ought to cover three moments:

The what - You want to reveal what hassle/s your product solves. This manner, you will fast grasp your audience’s interest.

The how - Now that they understand what hassle you remedy, you’ll need to show how your product can enhance that difficulty. In standard, at this second your brand will appear. The why - display off your sales competencies. Tell your target audience why your product is the quality choice within the market to solve their problem.

2. Hold it quick
How do you join those three moments collectively? Think about a story in which a person has a problem (your target market’s ideal factor) and your product is the hero with a purpose to type it out. Bear in thoughts which you need to keep it quick, so you can’t inform all your business enterprise’s tale or detail your product’s each function. Attention to your target market’s needs and how your product will assist them. Reflect consideration on blessings more than features. The rule of thumb here is that the shorter, the better, however in standard, 90 seconds works for maximum merchandise. Take into account that eighty phrases on your script (in English) are equal to around 30 seconds on your video.

3. Engagement
Audience can connect themselves with your characters; this is one of the significant factors of an explainer video. First, you need to know your audience. Based on your online site visitors, Google Analytics assist you to go out with some primary demographics, inclusive of gender and age. Then, you want to build an individual primarily based on that facts. Once in a while, as in this situation, it’s additionally essential to the country their process function, or describe their everyday tasks inside the script.

Get social media news like this in your inbox each day. In this manner, you’ll be able to method your target audience with empathy - they’ll position themselves into the principle individual’s footwear, who have the same troubles that they may be experiencing. The video’s standard fashion also wishes to speak to them, so they feel associated with the video.

4. Emblem your video
Apply your logo’s hues to the background and landscape of your video, so that visitors will understand that your organization is the only in the back of that proposal. You could also add your brand color to highlight a few essential elements - that’s what the UN has finished on this exciting explainer video approximately peacekeepers.

5. CTA - Call to Action
Your video additionally needs to state what you want your target market to do next - whether or not it’s download an e-book, sign on for an email list or buy your product. You should ask it out loud - don’t be shy. You can additionally add a photograph on the give up of your video to assist your message.

6. Stick to the point
As you may probably guess, a poor-best video will make your target market assume that your enterprise is terrible-fine too, and that’s a clean waste of time and money. Online videos can be the fantastic property for business if want to lift your recreation to stand out. Create your very own explainer video.

As stated, explainer videos may be a grand manner into video advertising, and its well worth getting began to your personality to be able to live up with evolving marketing tendencies.

Don't regret, if you fail to analyze your competitor’s back within the current advertising trends, forestall and stop hesitating and create your first video now. We are the pioneers of the digital marketing agency in Dubai, as to kick-start your video method is an explainer video, We create the video which outlines your product’s idea, and how it suits your audience’s lifestyles.

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