Google Is Saving & Shaping Human Behaviour

Posted On: 07 February, 2018
Author: Bee On Track

What is humanity?

We are the present creations of this planet came in mere existence, the human body made of meek flesh and bone meddling with the conscious cognitive mind that is designed to work unconsciously with our brain activity. Evolution demands differences; well the differences create innovation, while innovation provides comforting for our daily routine. We distinguish between being evolved when we were just bidding our intuitions that are quite affirmative for becoming creative.

As a digital marketing expert, the above explanation is just a bundle of thought expressed as words; I knew if I had to explain this comprehensive connotation, people might close this blog in a blink of an eye.

Let’s talk about Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle!!

“Imagine, you wake up this morning, open your eyes, be thankful for your day and Check your phone for life update than ascertain your daily routines.”

Trust me!!
Your day starts and ends with Google
If you don’t know that, you can ask yourself

– Google Docs

Your Boss is insisting you with more significant challenges with your work, the best idea you got in your head is to Google it and save it in Google Docs and send it via Gmail. It’s simple just knowing how to cook American Chopsuey.

– Google Maps

You’re new to the town, trying to find a place when you’re late for the interview. Just Google it!!

The listing of the position will already be listed on Google maps. All you do to follow, and not being shallow. In Google maps, people can view street view on your Android phones.

– Android

What made android so unique?

How many of us know android has been built by Google.

Nope, not unless if someone Google it searching for android,

Android is in most of the products from Phones, Tablets, Smart TV,

Wearable devices. Its user-friendly operating system has flipped the telecom industry. As a result, hence we have our pocket PC.

– Google Ad Words

Google acts as a representative of your business

If you don’t know, what is Ad Words, and then high time, you’re not in your current business trends. Ad Words reinvented the adverting strategy for companies. Being in Google’s 1st page can bring your business to tenfold.

If you ask me why?

93% of Internet users use Google as their default browser.

What’s common between Google and us?

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction.


We aren’t outsourcing our memory to Google. Instead, Google has become an instant for us for a day to day life. The above blog is a direct bespoke for everyone’s knowledge, and we all are currently aware of the fact that Google is an attachment. As a successful SEO agency in Dubai, we are highly dedicated and committed to evoking a better business embracement in the Digital world.

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