6 Reasons why using SMS Marketing is effective!

Posted On: 09 October, 2017
Author: Bee On Track

1. Immediate Message Delivery

SMS Marketing is the most instant marketing channel to marketers.email and sms marketing bee on track Ninety-seven percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. This is going to be direct communication with clients and that can help to acquire purchase. The faster the communication, the sooner consumers can make a purchase or they will be aware of the services that you are doing

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2. Quick Feedback from Customers

Base on research 31 percent of clients/consumers will respond to a survey via smartphone. Brand and services can initiate survey via SMS and receive results in a short period of time. The average response will be less than six minutes. Customers feedback is important information for businesses as well for learning more about the market trends to gain a better understanding of what customers want and needs.

3. No Spam Filters to Deal With

Marketers don’t have to worry about the promotional SMS Messages ending up in the email and sms marketing bee on track (2)spam folder. The filters that email marketing have to battle with do not exist in SMS form. When someone opts-in to receive SMS messages, marketers don’t need to remind them to write list their shortcode so their messages don’t accidentally land in a spam folder. This makes SMS Marketing one of the most accessible and effective tool marketers can use to deliver promotional messages to customers.

SMS Messages are usually delivered within seconds. Average SMS delivery time would be less than 10 seconds for most of the mobile carriers. smartphone users check their phones immediately after waking up, others check theirs mobile within 15 minutes of waking up. The astonishing SMS deliverability leaves no question that SMS marketing is a worthwhile investment.

5. It’s Inexpensive

In terms of lead generation for your business, SMS marketing is the most cost-effective email and sms marketing bee on track (1)way to go. With monthly prices less than a small one-time ad in most other advertising options, you are capable of controlling the entire campaign on your own personal budget. Using SMS Marketing, you can acquire genuine leads so your business will surely increase.

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6. Delivery and Engagement Rates Are Trackable

SMS Marketing is very reliable, it is really important to track the SMS that you are sending to people So you will know the results and the quantity of the messages you are sending and how many people received your SMS as well for the amount of who unsubscribes and bounced messages. Delivery reports let you track those SMS that you’ve sent

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